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People with neuro disabilities require medical examination and treatment. Getting a diagnosis may help identify the needed medical and social interventions. In addition, neuro disabilities may be connected with other health concerns that necessitate additional monitoring or treatment.

We help people by supporting with medical bills to get a diagnosis and determine the best treatment plans.

Educational and skill development

It is important that people who need and desire behavioural supports or interventions to promote communication, social, academic, and daily living skills have access to those services in order to maximize their quality of life and developmental potential.

We support vulnerable families to enroll their ND wards into institutions that would give them the needed educational and skill training to put them on a path of independence.

Integration Support

It is essential to support the integration of capable individuals with neurodevelopment disorders into the settings, pursuits, and social networks of atypical people. This is done to encourage people to participate in social and recreational activities with the express purpose of raising awareness and self-confidence levels. Support services are intended to encourage full engagement in integrated community life while fostering close friendships, social networks, and meaningful connections with people without disabilities who have similar interests and aspirations.

We help families integrate their wards into mainstream school and other social circles by providing them with shadow teachers or therapists as the occasion demands.


We facilitate educative talks in communities and anti-natal / post-natal clinics. With your generous donations, you have the capacity to help us in our endeavour to advocate for an inclusive society. Contact us to learn more

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Our Facilitator

We support vulnerable families of ND persons with their educational, medical, therapeutic and counseling needs. This support goes to families who do not have the means to give their wards the help they need for a good life. We spend a significant portion of our resources on preparing people with special needs towards an independent future.