Happy Family

Our Vision 

An aware, compassionate Ghana that accepts, supports and includes people with neurological disability.

At AAN, we know that sometimes all it takes to change the world is a little support. Since our founding in 2020, we have been determined to make an impact.

We believe that every child deserves a chance at a good, happy, healthy life. Through all of our endeavors we hope to display the conviction behind our beliefs.

Our Mission

To take steps that will improve quality of care and life for people living with neuro disabilities (ND) and generate the needed interest within the general public for a structurally compliant, humanly compassionate and inclusive society.

At AAN, we see the value in everyone. We want to be a catalyst for positive change, and we’ve been driven by the same ideas we initially founded our organisation on: support, empowerment, and progress.

Breaking Barriers, Opening Doors!!!!

What we do

Communicating with Sign Languages


We offer direction, guidance and hope on the path to a healthy happy life by providing families with a guide to carefully selected interventions that have worked for many.

Holding Hands

Support and Facilitate

We facilitate and support vulnerable families of ND persons with their educational,  medical, therapeutic and counselling needs.

We also provide  educative talks in communities and anti-natal / post-natal clinics.


Peer Support and Counseling

Sharing the emotional process that often comes with a new diagnosis or living with a neurologic condition with someone who has also experienced these feelings, can be helpful to many families.

Megaphone Protestor

Create Awareness 

We run various virtual and in person campaigns and programs to educate and inform parents and caregivers of ND persons.