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The Assor Tawiah Foundation 

The Assor Tawiah Foundation (ATF), a non-governmental and non-profit organisation (NGO), was established to address the needs of underprivileged people and families living with neurological development challenges (special needs) in Ghana. The organisation focuses on providing a single platform and facility that promotes advocacy, training, skills development, educational, medical, therapeutic, protection and counseling support for persons that are Neuro-Diverse and their families.

e are committed to engaging the families and care-givers as well as the community to facilitate the education and skills needed to support their children’s development and quality of life. We believe in an inclusive society and that every child deserves a chance for a better future. We also provide various resources to help in integrating such persons into society. Assor Tawiah Foundation is operational as Active About Neurodiversity.

Meet our Founder  Kate Assor Tawiah

Kate is the mother of three wonderful children, the youngest of whom is neurodiverse. She is very passionate about people's well being and has always known that she would devote her time to serving humanitarian courses.

Her son's diagnosis opened her up to a whole new world of challenges and immense need and she felt drawn to contribute her quota to this cause, therefore the founding of the Assor Tawiah Foundation. She has since worked to bring relief to some vulnerable families impacted in this space.

Kate holds a masters degree in leadership and innovation and she is now very Active About NeuroDiversity.

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All donations help improve lives of the Nero-Diverse

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